Welcome to my e-portfolio. 

My name is Irsalina binti Isa and is currently working as a part time English tutor for kids age 5 to 10. I am also holding a degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL) from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) graduating on 25 October 2016. I am residing in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

My passion is always teaching and is engaging myself with writing as a hobby. I enjoy working with kids and teenagers and had been to several programs related to volunteering as facilitator. In terms of teaching English, I believe knowing names of things is always more important than knowing grammar and sentence structure. The logic is easy; without a bullet, a cannon is useless. Hence, without vocabulary, comprehending grammar is a very challenging task. Therefore, in my English tutor program, I created module starting from knowing names of things, followed by constructing sentence, understanding grammar and finally all students should be able to create a mini project. 

Aside from teaching, I also enjoy writing because I cannot restrain myself from reading. Reading always help reducing my stress and boost my motivation to continue living. Reading helps me to grow and see world from various perspective while maintaining as well as developing self-principle. Then, I write in purpose of sharing my thoughts with others as I believe thoughts are very valuable and should be documented. Other people might choose to voice out, but as for me, I prefer delivering them though creative writing. However, I am not a professional writer. I have intention to publish a book compiling my works soon. As of now, I have collections of short stories (complete and ongoing). Mostly are written in Malay and some are in English. Check out my work at Wattpad

Again, welcome to my e-portfolio and happy reading!


Document 1: Resume  | Resume last updated 11 October 2016. 

Below is a sample of my work during my teaching practical in Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri 1 Giri (SMAGI), Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. Available in both view and download version. Kindly click on DOWNLOAD to be directed to download link. Thank you. 

Document 1: Lesson Plan Week 2

 Document 3: Lesson Plan Powerpoint Slide

 Document 4: Reflection Class Grade X MIA 3

  Document 5: Reflection Class Grade X MIA 4

Video 1: Human Emotion

Instruction: Click to download the whole material. 

Currently, I am teaching English in private class of 5 students. To aid my teaching, I plan a module. Scroll down to view. 

Picture 1: Banner

Document 6: Modul Plan

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