Some good K-drama(s) to Watch in 2013 : Marry Him If You Dare, Answer Me 1994

Assalam readers
(feel like speaking Ing-ge-rish tonight)
so let it  be. 

It HAS BEEN SUCH A LONG-LONG time since i kept myself divert, captivated, inspired, day-dreaming, over-bearing and what so ever that could come across your mind readers watching (guess what) KOREAN DRAMA.


I Know. I do know the fact that watching korean drama is no longer a desperately-wants-to-be-part-of-the-altered-life what so ever. But truly you can't deny the catchy elements itself come within the drama. As you start watching it, you'll get exactly what i'm hardly trying to convey here. 




As for this year, I watched those drama (JUST started to be exact):::

RELEASE OCT 14th 2013. KBS channel. AIRING 22:00. 
MONDAY AND TUESDAY(even Malaysia Astro channel)

FEATURING: (according order right-to-left from picture above)
(previous encounter with me: Princess Hours, Man of Vineyard, Coffee Prince, My Fair Lady)

JUNG YONG HWA as Park Se Joo
(previous encounter with me: We Got Married, Heartstrings, He's beautiful, Running Man)

HAN CHAE AH as Seo Yoo Kyung
(previous encounter with me: NULL noo goo sae yo?)

LEE DONG GUN as Kim Shin
(previous encounter with me: Sweet 18, Smile Again, Changing Partners, My boyfriend is Type-B)

STORY PLOT: ( I made my own version but then you might have better comprehension through the Wikis)

Mi Rae leads an ordinary yet boring life as call centre agent. She looks shabby, messy, owns an over bearing long permed hair which is not in orderly mannered, she believes in her 'well' personality, wandered around wearing outdated fashion and is an unambitious leading future undertakings. So, one fine day, came a woman declaring as her future self coming from 2038(if I'm not mistaken) with a purpose. To make her marry make-well-in-finance guy. (readers, this is only my early assumption, the guy MAYBE is Park Se Joo). A guy (I believe he's Kim Shin the anchor) from YBS (KBS's camouflage maybe) will hit her loved one( I believe he's Park Se Joo), having him perished. Leaving her in such a way she's having her life in 2038. She keeps on nagging on doing well in life so that she could travel back through time machine with relief believing her life waiting over that side has gotten better. 

In the meantime, there's a girl named Seo Yoo Kyung warded due to I don't know under what circumstances she was having. Oh, she's a famous reporter morning session and was supposed to be meeting Park Se Joo at Jeju, but you know things turned to be switched (thanks to that 2038-Mi Rae). 2038-Mi Rae has been aiming for Park Se Joo, she holds a picture of Seo Yoo Kyung-Park Se Joo couple and was telling frequently to current Mi Rae water will connect her to her destined soul mate. And it happened on the night she (firstly) trying to suicide, later naked and is couraged to make a difference at the seashore not notified someone was watching. Park Se Joo from his suite. 

Later, coming back to Seoul, Park Se Joo met Kim Shin, his in charged team leader what so ever disguised himself as a new recruit VJ (hiding the fact he is heir : future CEO of the YBS owner). Kim Shin has been over confident in raising his current team in charged's broadcast rating, proposing some financial thingy which happened to clash with the 'kids this days-Park Se Joo' perspective. The rival point between 2 main male cast revealed. 

The next morning, Kim Shin wakes every morning memorizing new vocabulary from the dictionary placed on bed table at sharp 3:00 am. At the same time, current Mi Rae who has just resign her job was driving to home after having a brief self-study session at nearby coffee house (aiming to be TV writer). She then bump Kim Shin's car at a road junction. Narrator (which is 2038-Mi Rae) then delivering point that she will finally encountered a man she wants to avoid so much and that it is inevitable as the destiny has set them as such. Of course minor quarreling would occur at their first contact. (I think as of now, believing in my intuition,  Mi Rae will end up with Kim Shin). It is Mi Rae-Kim Shin story after all. I guess. At least up till the current episodes I've watched. And to prolong the meeting, she reported Kim Shin to the police officer and wracked chaos in media as a TV anchor was charged with having no driving license resulting to hitting an innocent woman victim (which is Mi Rae). Contract made then that he will her recruited to YBS as TV Writer under some conditions I haven't acknowledge myself. 

So, lets start the ball rolling. Love story will spread it's love to you viewer. I could feel rose petals wavering everywhere. 

Is it will be Mi Rae-Kim Shin couple or Mi Rae-Park Je Soo ??
Will Park Je Soo died? 
What would be to Seo Yoo Kyung?

Stay tuned. 

Oh, a little disturbance, I think I would watch ANSWER ME 1994 (I will, I'm just a 2 year old infant that day) as well. But wait till I finish MHIYD. 

See Ya. Chal-ga. 

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