Flipped Raya

Have you heard of Flipped movie?

If not then I don't mind telling you what I mean. 

I bet you know what FLIPPED is. 
You just not sure of the context.

FLIPPED in the movie shows condition whereby Bryce the main actor who at first refused to love his neighbour since childhood, Julie back, turned to love her. Its a flipped situation. Therefore, the title is Flipped. 

So, what business it has to do with RAYA? 

It has.

Over the years, I often complained of how many guests coming to my house for the sake of  meeting last eldest standing on earth (my grandma). It has caused me exhaustion, slightly depression, over annoyance and somehow acute hatred towards RAYA. 

But hey 2016 RAYA is something!

I decided to change my point of view towards guests. If I often see them with my eyes, now I'm going to use my knee. Oh come on, can you at least smile so that I don't sound silly to crack a joke here. 

Now I don't see guests as a group of people who's going to drag me to face tons of glasses and piles of plates to clean, making my hands a man's hand who spend his whole life rubbing on wood. Just use imagination. Instead of using this option, I put on my kindness lens on my eyes. I can smile now though while doing the cleaning, cleansing and drying. 

Because I change my point of view. 
I see them as groups of people carrying with them a bucket. They stepped into the house holding an empty bucket then later went away with a bunch full of SINS from our house into their empty bucket. Easy huh? 

So, doing dishes is no longer a hassle now guys. There're tons of SIN-CLEANSING bucket carrier coming to your doorstep. Be prepared guys! 
Don't forget to wear your big smile. 


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2016 guys. May God accept our Ibadah in the left behind Ramadhan. May God bless us. 

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