best seller novel yg dah jadi filem

Hana Yori Dango

Ayat-ayat cinta

series of Harry Potter

A walk to remember

ikut pemerhatian akulah kan..banyak juga bestseller novel yang diadaptasikan jadi film or drama kan....kenape ek....teringin nak menghayati secara visual pulak kot...tapi serius usaha yang above nih, some yang dah jadi movie....

hana yori dango
i watched this drama juz this early this from my story...abaout 4 boys extremely rich and so goes the credit for their cute face....but...heiya...the storyline touch my soul deep for the very nice song...kept me in fever..what ever i do, my mind think about them...haiyo...really admire jun matsomoto(domyoji tsukasa), his character as tsukasa made me in stitches...

ayat-ayat cinta
last year i saw the ayat-ayat cinta novel at took no time, grabbed it. juz around 2 weeks then, i heard that one of film production from indonesia launched the ayat-ayat cinta film lovely...fahri is the most lucky guy in this world. he didn't need to find babe himself, all the babe found for him. and so i guess lah how can he be so god fears..

p/s wondering if i can be like aisha...

harry potter
i can't storytelling about this story breifly, cause am not so contact with it...ermmm....

a walk to remember
this film is starring by shane west and mandy moore...the author named nicholas sparks...anybody know him...frankly, for the first time i love english novel so much...didn't contain so much lovey duvey scene like all the english film always be...overall..give you 10*...and realloy hoping to watch this movie for the second time...but the prob is where to find for it...uhu....

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