between reality and fantasy


i am a 16 years old girl. and now i'm making my way to a somewhere part in public. what comes to a reality is i'm really scared to make it happen. i'm sort of peter pan. what i've been dreaming is to be innocent, and cared by others. though humankind, not a certain but every grow up to be 'somebody'. like in my case, i just want to make it vice versa. cause as for me, living is not as awesome as you lick an icecream on your tongue, as what you commonly did in childhood. some part of this world maybe unsuit for you. but that is what you have to get through to keep living. not everyone prefer to take bus to school, cause they hate crowd. and so not every people likes to go shopping cause there is no point for you to waste your time doing that. i hate of being accompanied by others. yes, i love of being alone. cause loneliness will teach me to be grateful of what i owned before. i'm just an average joe. nothing more, and so nothing less. a tick, two tick, three tick...i wait...four tick...still waiting, but nobody come to me. i lost my friend. my 'triumph trophy'. sometimes, i wish i could be someone else. this 'clothes' is too hard to be get in. what is the purpose of my life? thinking about other people makes me down. i am standing here on a lust sand. i can't observe myself, then why does i am hoping for someone to do that for me. can i?

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