Diet Journey : DAY 1

Yesterday, I started my diet journey. 
With wit and courage, I hope to lose 10 kg in 6 weeks.
Just 10 kg and another following 6 weeks is another 10 kg. So in the end, I only left with 52 kg which is my dream weight.

I can fly run to the sky, I can fly go to the dream!

Currently I weight 72 kg and is 153 cm height tall. So, it is pretty obvious that my body condition is not good. I cannot go for optimum in carrying daily routines. In pursuing tough activities, I always digging out my mind for excuse. Not because I am not interested, but my body had restricted me. My body has limit due to its being heavy.

Just couple of weeks before, I realised that seeing my old friends had became a challenge. A hassle. In my mind, I keep on telling myself to be confident, to be bold, to love my shape, but all my brick walls broke down with just few sentences. I became aware that I am part of FAT, BIG AND ROBUST ! I've been living with it for almost 10 years! Just what I've done to myself?

When I saw my cousins all wearing nice clothes during Raya, I admit that I kind of envy. I envy that if I could afford buying those, it won't look good on me! Know why? Cause I'm fat! 

Mak told me few days back, that if I were to weight 51 kg, I'll be able to see my true self. My actual face. So, I asked myself the night after, did I really doesn't have any interest in meeting the ACTUAL ME? Did I really not care with my shape? 

Therefore, I want to give myself a second chance. This time around, I'll do it till the end. I want to challenge myself. I want to see how far can I go. How much potential I have in me! How active can I be. How free can I become. How pretty I will look like with my ACTUAL FACE. I WANT TO MEET ME! THE ACTUAL ME! 

Food consumption:
Breakfast (9.20 am) - Plant Protein Nutrilite + 1 slice bread + 1 glass warm water
Morning (11.00 am) - 1 glass warm water + 1 piece jemput jemput bawang 
Lunch (1.00 pm) - 1 fist size rice + vegetable + fish
Dinner (6.45 pm) - fish + vegetable
Supper (10.00 pm) - 1 glass warm milk + 2 cm slices of ginger

Aerobic for Cardio fitness (7.30 pm)  - 45 minutes 
Video sources :

I am great and is feeling really fantastic!
Can't wait seeing the ACTUAL ME!

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