Diet Journey: Day 9

Today is 19th of August. With that, officially I have been on diet for 9 days. So, actually I haven't weight myself and I dont even know precisely my weight before I started my diet. I just made an assumption for 73kg after taking into consideration for Hari Raya. I mean everyone earn some kilos after Raya right? So lets be realistic. 

To be frankly speaking, I skipped aerobic for 6 days already. Pretty upsetting isn't it? But I still strongly believed that 80% of diet comes from food consumption and another 20% is credit for exercising.


For me, I am suitable on this pace. Slow and steady. That will be my diet mode. I remember one girl wrote in Success Story Kevin Zahri's website : being fat for years so don't expect to be slender in one week. Take your time and see how far can your body goes. One thing for sure, I really control my eating portion. It gets better ( I mean my adaptation to less food ) from day to day. Craving is not a big problem any longer. If I take jemput-jemput or curry puff, I will make sure to drink plenty of warm water. 


Before each meal ( heavy and I mean lunch and dinner ) I will make sure to drink warm water beforehand. That is part of Sunnah too though. To drink before you eat. You know what you benefit from it? Less space for food so you can cheat to your tummy telling it "Hey, you are full. It's time to get up.", giving you bonus to reduce food portion. Brilliant right? Rasulullah is indeed smart!


Sometimes, I woke up late. Even after 9.00 am, I will still munch on 2 slices of bread and Nutrilite protein. That is the key. Never skip meal! Better late than never right? And if my stomach can take some more, I will boil water and drink again, warm water for one glass. Easy!

So, as of now those are some tips from a mere beginner like me. This is just my opinion as I work on my diet and hopefully I can meet my real me soon. I mean later.

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