Learning German Language Through Memrise

Today I will talk about Memrise. 
Memrise is a free apps in Google Play Store which helps its user to learn new language. 
It has lots of language package and for me I downloaded German.

Why German? I don't know. I just feel like doing it. But if I were to say one, it might be because of Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer. The movie about friends who stay in boarding school learning music. Its a quite old movie and has several editions but I prefer the latest which if I am not mistaken produced in early 2000. So, it merely nothing and no concrete purpose. Just for fun.

Ich mag Memrise
'I like Memrise'

I love it! Yes! For it being so convenient and complete my lack sense of learning ability through gadget, it becomes such a great tool.


It has interface displaying my profile and progress report. As I finish log in, I got channeled to language selection section. There, I searched for language I intented to learn. If I click German, then several modules appear so I got to choose one.


Home Screen

Done with module to choose, now welcome to Home screen. In Home screen lays each language module I have picked ( for me just German ) and it displays points I have collected as well as levels completed. For example in German module there are 1234 levels all together and I have completed 23/1234. Levels are just like lessons. Different module will have different number of lessons. It depends.

Daily Goals

I also have Daily goals which is how many points I need to collect for how many minutes each day. For me I selected the lowest. 5 minutes daily for 1500 points. Once complete, it displays Goal Complete in my Home screen. Simple isn't it?


Aside from learning through mimic and memorising new words and sentences, I need to review each words learnt to strenghten memories. To do that, I don't need to even remember when I want to do revision, yet Memrise will tell when. I got notifications through email as well as the apps itself. Therefore revision now is no longer a hassle.

Repeat on Utterance

Memrise teach new words through repetition of utterances. So I can check my pronunciation so that I sound like Germany ( even a bit )! Some German words are similar with English in parts of phonological features. Therefore it is easier to memorise and relate. It even has visual learning aid.

Vocabulary Bank

Through vocab bank I can always keepbin touch with all German words I have learned. Premium version will even allow user to mark and improve hard words. But for me this free version is more than enough already. ;)

That is all for now. Lets learn new language and enrich yourself. I speak Malay as first language and English as second. Now why not make German my third! Sehr gut!

Danke for reading.

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