Diet Journey: DAY 11

Yesterday was awesome!
Das ist super!

I told in previous entry Day 9 that I skipped aerobic for 6 days, isn't it?
So yesterday was awesome because I started working out again!


Being a normal human being, I too face difficulties to keep consistency. Therefore working out has become a challenge to fulfill because of attitude. To keep consistency, I need consistent attitude. Plus, my diet mode is slow and steady hence make it hard to withstand for a long term period. However, I am glad that this one thing called motivation exist in this world.


Studying needs motivation. Same goes to diet. Cause diet is part of studying. I study on how to keep my body healthy, to balance food proportion, and live a healthy living. I admit it. To change is so hard and it costs a lot. I got to cheat and push myself everytime. Whenever I saw sunquick drink in fridge, I waver. Million times I tell myself you can have it on Sunday ( my cheat day ). That is intrinsic motivation. I myself console my desire.

However, sometimes you just cannot lie that constraining yourself is even harder than constraining others. Therefore I choose a solution for that.


Success story makes me believe that I am not ALONE. Somewhere in some other places exist someone just like me who shared same dream and has succeed to achieve it. Reading them brings me to their journey, to their sufferings, and they kind of lending me invisible strength. It's hard to relate but that is whhat really happening inside me. Their stories piercing my heart, enough to make the long-awaited-real-me awaken. If someone who weight even a hundred could loss half their weight, just WHY can't I do it! They were just like me! Started from mere tears and a fist of courage.

Some links for success stories that moved my heart:
Amirul Agam's Story
Nur Farihan's Story
Aizat Razak's Story
Nadra's Story
Nashriq's Story


Till the day that I could look into the mirror and say "Yes, it's not that bad. You look great!", I won't stop!

Das ist Möglich!

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