Today, let's talk about Love.

Life is so unexpected. When you think you are not, you are. It's what you want to believe. Because you have a choice. But, be true. Be true and honest in whatever you do, speak and feel. I chose to be true because I lied to no one but myself if I don't.

Life is surprising. When you believe you are hopeless, miracle happens. It comes to you in various object and image just like a camouflage. You don't realise till it become obvious. You just wait and wait.

I'm not really sure about my feeling either. Because I swore to never fall in love again. It's painful. So, instead of solely saying 'I do', let's rate it in percentage. Because it is subjectively measurable. Logic. Don't live in blindness, find something logical and numerical. Even love is very subjective, rate it. Everyone value love, so let's make it valuable. If destiny toss a solid 100% love in my heart, that is an 'I do'. If not, then it is merely attracted. Not LOVE. Don't get confuse, just because you are lonely. Please don't. This time around I got to choose the truth. Not what I want to believe.

100% = Love
< 100% = Attracted

Enough said. Make yourself clear.

Lu Xiao Yu 
by Jay Chou

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