6 Levels Complete Learning Deutsch

Outside my window is such a balmy weather today. 
Writing while listening to Dance With My Daddy-Alex Clazziquai.

So, days and weeks passed since I told about Memrise and learning German language thingy, right? Now, I should tell some progress. 


I have completed 6 levels so far, which is not an outstanding achievement since I placed 3xxx something in leaderboards. However, I strongly believe, people started a walking first with crawling. Hey, I can choose what I to believe remember? And I'm a always slow-and-steady person. Yet sometimes can become so over excited. Boring-people-don't-want-to-know-about-you...let's move on!

Those levels cover knowledge about daily conversation (of course) - oh I heard aeroplane soaring above my building! Over excited mode on -  which contain not more than 5 words in a sentence. For example! 

Ich haiße Lina
I am called Lina/ My name is Lina

How many words? 3. Just 3. But sure as I got more pro later, words will OVERFLOW. 

Language package that I downloaded has sections with theme. And those are:

Level 1 - Introductory Conversation 1
Vocabs: Ich, Du

Level 2 - About Me and About You
Vocabs: Ich bin krank, Du bist ein Genie

Level 3 - Practice With Subjects
Vocabs: Das Brot, Die Wurste

Level 4 - What I Like and What I Don't Like
Vocabs: Ich mag Obst, Ich mag kein Wurste

Lesson 5 - Practice With Objects
Vocabs: Ich mag keinen Apfel

Lesson 6 - Introductory Phrases 1
Vocabs: Guten Tag!, Gute Nacht!


I learnt English through a beautiful notebook. At first, it is just a book with vocabs compilation, but later became complicated with lots of jots and tit bits. So I guess instead of having a vocab book, I rather name it Notebook. 

So, here now I have 2 language notebooks: English and Deutsch.

 Frankly speaking from my own experience, writing down new vocabs and make note my-own-way in learning new language is very effective. Why, because you are the creator of the book, and you're the one in charge in your learning. I don't like work book and textbook because for me, it has too much and some how disturbing because I need to rush to complete everything in one second. I don't know about you, but that's how I feel. 

Another points to go for notebook is because you can DESIGN it! Hey, did I tell tell you that you are CREATIVE! Your brain, your skill, all those are creative! So, USE IT! I always print out any pictures, quotes and lyrics so that I could pin those on my cock board or be creative in my notebook.  

Now, I'm tired typing. 

Till we meet again!

Bis später!

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